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Your Farm, your security.

Barn and Tractor Security Solution

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Farm and Agricultural Alarms

Providing security systems to the farming community

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Whether your farming is large in scale or small and unique, you need the right security solution for protecting your business assets.

Equipment, plant, fuel or livestock, no matter the type of farm, they’re all highly susceptible to theft. Our range of industry approved farm security alarm systems, can protect all areas of your farm including buildings, vehicles and contents. With our farm security you’ll be notified of any intruders immediately. We can even install water level monitors in water troughs to ensure the wellbeing of your livestock. Whether you want to protect one or two entrance routes or multiple areas, then our systems can help.

With a few simple questions and a quick site visit, we’ll be able to advise on the best system for you, whether that be GSM or GPRS, monitored or unmonitored.