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Our flexible fire alarm systems are easily redeployed

Security Guard Fire Alarms, for Scunthorpe, Grimsby & Hull

Fire Alarms

Providing Fire Alarms to the Scunthorpe, Hull and Humber Region

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Legislation coupled with increasingly demanding requirements from insurance companies mean employers are always required to keep their sites secure with sufficient frameworks in place to combat the risk of fire damage to personnel and property.

Fire Alarm Systems

Our system can simply be moved to a new location or position around your compound. The system is well suited to hazardous sites including new construction or refurbishment projects.

As with all our security systems, Eyewatch Security's fire alarm products are monitored by our own monitoring station that operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. All our fire systems comply with the Joint Code of Practice for the construction industry, and for the protection of empty buildings: fire and safety. The Code is produced by the FPA.