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Fuel Tank Security Alarms.

Secure Your Logistical Operations With Our Security Systems

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Haulage Fuel Tank Security Alarms

Logistics security solutions for Scunthorpe, Grimsby and Hull & North Lincolnshire

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With the recent increase in heating oil and diesel theft people are finding that it’s not just the loss of the fuel that causes a dent in their pockets, but also the damage done to the tanks and the cost of any environmental approved clean-up that may be required.

Using locking caps and fuel level alarms can be counterproductive and thieves may just drill a hole in the side of the tank instead, making even more mess and damage.

Our fuel tank security alarm is police approved and has already been fitted to many fuel tanks in the UK. The motion sensor protects a 144m2 (1600ft2) area (which can be extended with additional slave sensors) and can be mounted on a nearby building, tree or fence. The GPRS wireless system will detect people within the zone, but will not detect birds, dogs or cats for example.

When the alarm is triggered, a signal is sent to our receiving centre and staff will call you or any of your key holders to advise the alarm has been activated. Automatic timers and other functions can be set online using our secure web portal via a secure password. Should you have any issues, just call us and we’ll log on to the system and take a look. More often than not issues are solved within minutes remotely keeping you secure and saving the need for a site visit.