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Mitigating risk, attending call outs on your behalf

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For a secure, safer solution, trust in Eyewatch Security

Security Guard Professional & Trustworthy business Key Holding services

Business Key Holding Services for Scunthorpe, Grimsby, Hull

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Mitigating Risk

Businesses up and down the UK often give their employees the responsibilities of key holding and answering either genuine or false alarm call outs. For some businesses, that can be a risk and they choose to turn to professionals such as Eyewatch Security to keep their property safe and help mitigate that risk.

Alarm Response

By outsourcing your key holding to Eyewatch Security you can trust in a reliable and professional security solution, whilst reducing the risk to the employer or employees as Eyewatch Security will handle alarm call outs.

Once Eyewatch Security arrives at your property we perform site checks and secure the premises. We can help with detaining individuals caught on-site and wait for a police response. If there is damage as a result of a break-in, with client approval we can arrange boarding up the point of entry used to gain access to the property such as windows and/or doors.

Should we finish our site checks and deem the alarm call as false, we will leave a ticket at the property detailing our response and we also follow up with the client to let them know of the incident.