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Secure your Renewable Energy Generation

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Green Energy System Alarms in Immingham, Hull & Grimsby

Renewable Energy Site Alarms & Security

Providing security to the renewable energy sector.

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Security is a matter of great concern for private energy generation, valuable materials such as copper cabling are always at risk from theft, which can result in replacement and property damage costs.

Many existing Renewable businesses use manned guarding posts to secure their property. We suggest a more cost effective alternative to static guards through the use of our Boundary Gard system, you can reduce costs and still have a highly efficient defence against criminal activity.

The Boundary Gard system creates a perimeter around your Wind or Solar farm, using PIR's that once broken alerts our security team to activity on the site.

We can also add additional security with CCTV systems, designed to work in synergy with your site layout, and potential activity hotspots.

Contact us for a quotation based on a site visit and we can check your requirements and offer the best solution to protect and secure your renewable generation.