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Quick Deployment and Temporary CCTV Systems

EyeCam Rapid Deployment CCTV

Temporary video surveillance security solution.

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Rapid setup process

Are you in need of a stop-gap video surveillance solution? Whether you're gathering information on repetitive crime, or monitoring staff. The EyeCam could be the solution for you.

Our Eyecam can take still images up to 8MP or video with audio up to 720DPI. Data is automatically captured on to an on-board SD card with time date stamping for day, night, inside or outside use in all conditions.

EyeCam’s tough weatherproof design houses a PIR detector and Infra red illuminator both of which are blackened to heighten the covert characteristics of the product.

EyeCam’s fast deployment is due to its self contained battery power. Simply switch on, set the chosen parameters and deploy!

Key Features