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Wireless Intercom System

A Scalable Intercom System that protects access to your home or office

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Monitor upto two doors from four locations

Wireless Intercom System with upto 100m transmission range

Wireless Intercom System for Office or Home Use.

The Ideal Intercom System That Also Records Whilst You're Out.

Ideal Solution For

No More Unwanted Guests

Never have to trust a peephole or open the door blindly again, in both residential and commercial applications the Wireless Intercom Unit will keep you safe from unwanted guests.

You can easily expand the system to include two door units & upto four handheld units for monitoring.

With upto a 100m transmission range, the system is capable of working all over your standard home or office, you could even see the front door from the bottom of your garden!

The door unit can either be battery powered or wired into your homes electricity supply, and the handheld unit works from a power supply similar to that of your average smartphone charger.

Key Features