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Driveway and Gated Security Alarms

Garage, Driveway and Home Security Alarm Systems

Driveway & Garden Security Alarms, in Sheffield, Hull, Grimsby

Driveway Security Alarms, for Scunthorpe, Doncaster, Grimsby and Hull

Monitoring movement of people on your property

Ideal Solution For

Driveways are often the main access point to a property. A first point of security, acting as a bottle-neck solution against intruders or simply protecting your vehicle.

Driveway alarms are perfect for securing your property and the people in them. Our systems can be installed to not only monitor people coming into the property, but also those leaving the property. This is perfect for those with a young family, giving you peace of mind that your children are safe and have not ventured out onto a busy road.

Driveway security alarms are radio frequency based and signal a plug-in mains siren unit inside the house. We can also offer a system that will send an SMS text message upon activation. For properties with a drive of less than 200m we can offer systems that may integrate with your home security.

Before choosing an alarm you should consider whether you require a wired or wireless system, single or dual optics, SMS notifications or siren alarm. We are happy to speak to you on the phone or visit your property to advise on these. Get in touch with our team to find out how our driveway systems can help keep your property safe and secure.