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Property Watch Service

Planning your holiday, or away on business and
need to keep your home secure?

First Response Service

Any time of year, any time of day or night
we have access to your property
for those emergency situations

Property Watch services, alarm security whilst you're away from home

Property Watch

Professional, Reliable and Trustworthy

Ideal Solution For

Have you ever been out for the day and suddenly wondered if you'd left the gas on, or forgotten to lock the door?

Avoiding Inconvenience

How many times have you left your keys at a friend's house, locked yourself out or simply mislaid your keys? What happens when your neighbour calls you at work to tell you your house alarm is going off or there's water coming from under the door, or what if your elderly relation isn't answering the door?

First Response Service

As a customer of Eyewatch Security, our First Response Service ensures there is always someone reliable and trustworthy with a key to your property no matter what time or day of the year.

We offer this service to the whole of the UK, so whether you're in Scunthorpe, Doncaster, Hull, Edinburgh or London - we can help you!

Our domestic key holding service ensures that when a potentially high risk situation occurs, it is our professional and experienced security team that enter your home. We can arrange for glaziers and locksmiths, plumbers and electricians, and the emergency services if necessary, and we will always remain at your home until the situation is rectified and your home is secured.

A comprehensive incident report is filed on our system and a copy given to you. We'll even make a personal phone call to put your mind at ease.