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Stables and Yard Security Alarms

Protection for valuable livestock and equipment

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Thousands of animals are stolen from private property in the UK every year. Ensure your property is secure today.

Stable alarms need to be appropriate for outside use in draughty, and possibly cold, damp conditions. Internal style PIR systems are not suitable for this as they will trigger false alarms constantly. We can offer 2 kinds of stable security; the first protects the area, and the second can protect individual items.

For area protection we would recommend our internal and external stable security detectors. These are highly stable and have temperature compensation built in. The external detectors are also immune to small animals, and are battery powered.

To protect objects, we can install a GEA system. The GEA uses sensors that you attach to doors, windows and valuable objects. When the objects are moved, the alarm is triggered. The GEA system requires mains power.