Caravan Security Alarm

Meet your vehicle insurance requirements

Having Security For Your Caravan Is Essential When Combating Organised Crime

Touring caravans have in recent years, become targets for organised ‘stolen to order’ crime


Preventing theft from driveways


Meeting insurance requirements


Don’t present an easy target, secure caravan’s contents from theft


With specialised small keypads

Did you know that installing a security system in your caravan can reduce your insurance costs, and for some the installation of a recognised security system can be the only way to get insurance. Don’t let thieves get away with your caravan or its contents.

Approximately 11 caravans are stolen each day in the UK by professional thieves. That’s over 4000 caravans per year. Don’t be a victim of caravan crime.

Ask about our Eyewatch installed caravan security today, we offer our alarm services to Scunthorpe, Hull, Doncaster, Grimsby and beyond.

All of our systems are manufactured within the EU to high standards and all are battery powered ensuring that your caravan is secured 24/7 365 days a year, whether you are at home or away.

We are SSAIB approved

Being an SSAIB approved security company we pride ourselves on being able to offer an extensive range of services. With some of our alarm installations Eyewatch Security can liase with your local constabulary to offer police response services.